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  Concussion Admin

Concussion Management Updated 10/4/2016

Concussion Management 

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that interferes with normal brain function. An athlete does not have to lose consciousness (be “knocked out”) to have suffered a concussion.  Medical advances over the past decade, along with a national emphasis on raising awareness about concussions, have enabled sport organizations to draft or revise rules and policies aimed at player safety in all sports that reflect this growing body of information.  Proper concussion management is not the responsibility of one person or group; rather, it is the shared responsibility of various stakeholders involved with athletic participation. At Holy Family Catholic Academy, our stakeholders are the students, parents, teachers, coaches, school nurse, and administration.

Our Concussion Management Team has three facilitators, Dr. Erin O'Brien, Kathy Knuth, School Nurse, and Denny Lau, Athletic Director. Following state law and medical guidelines, this team sets the standards with child safety being the primary focus and concern. 

Concussion Information Sheet

Concussion Care Plan

Post Concussion Consent Form