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Team Parents - Please contact Coach L for the latest updates and info.  Alazarus@holyfamilyparish.org

Volunteer Info & Descriptions Updated 12/8/2015

We are in need of 3 Volunteers for each HOME GAME  


Admissions / Concessions (1 person)

     In this position your role will be to greet players and families as they enter the gym and collect the admission fee and sell concessions from the cart.  An admissions sign and concessions sign with prices are with the cart.  At the close of the last game of the evening the cashbox must be locked in the gray locker(#7) in the maintenance hallway(this is the hallway between the elevator and the kitchen).  The concessions cart can be locked in the storage closet with the chairs and bleachers.

Scoreboard (1 person)     Scoreboard Operation Manual  (Download)

     As the score board operator you role is to arrive 30 minutes before your assigned game to get familiar with the control.  You may need to watch a little of the game before to see how it works or play with it before the game starts to understand the basic functions.  Basic Instructions are provided with the control and score book(see bright orange pages).  The main things that MUST be tracked correctly: Team Points, Timer/Clock, Quarters, and Player Fouls.  These are necessary for the referees to see during the game.  Other things that could be tracked: Time Outs for each team and Possession arrow


Score Book (1 person)  

     As the official score book keeper your role is to arrive 30 minutes before your assigned game to get familiar with the book and its parts.  You may need to watch a little of the game before to get an idea of what to do and where to mark.  As the official score book of the gym for the night whatever you have in the book is what the referees will use.  Be sure to keep current on the following items: running score for each team at the top of each page, personal fouls for each player, time outs taken for each team(bottom of each team's page).  Additional items to be tracked: when each player scores and how many points, free throws made and attempted, and which quarter each player plays in.  Your final task at teh close of your game is to update the evening scores sheet(separate piece of paper on the table where the scores for all games of the evening are recorded).


Tear Down (All Parents from Last Game put away Bleachers, Chairs & Pickup Garbage)  

The chairs need to be stacked, 30 per stack, and returned to the storage closet on the East wall.  The bleachers need to be returned to the storage closet on the East wall also and stood on end along the left wall.  The Score book and score board control with cables needs to be returned to the Equipment closet on the West wall(Kitchen side) and placed on top of the A/V box on the right, inside.  The cash box needs to be locked in the gray locker, #7, in maintenance hallway at the close of the night.  The concessions cart can be locked in the storage closet with the chairs and bleachers.

Please look at your team's Signup Genius page to see when you are assigned to help out.  If you cannot make the game you are assigned, it is your responsibility to find another replacement.


Team Parents - Basketball Updated 12/7/2015
Team Parents  
4th Grade Boys  
Jon Nielson
5th Grade Girls
Debbie Ferguson
5th Grade Boys   
Andrea Farrell
6th Grade Girls  
John Martin
6th Grade Boys  
Steve Carroll
7th Grade Girls
Jason Sterling
7th Grade Boys  
Stacey Ruben  
8th Grade Girls  
Chris Strzalka
8th Grade Boys Gold 
Steve Carroll
8th Grade Boys Silver
Steve Carroll

Booster Club Updated 12/7/2015
The Holy Family Catholic Academy’s (HFCA) athletic program has successfully launched several teams over the past years. These include girls volleyball, cross country, boys / girls basketball, girls softball and track & field. The HFCA athletic teams were started to provide students with an option of participating on school-based athletic teams in the NWCC, PYS and the IESA.  Staff members, parents, volunteers and the athletic director have organized and coached the HFCA teams. As our program grows and new equipment needs to be purchased, we must find a way to lighten the work load on our coaches and the financial load on the parents of the athletes.  One way to do this is through our Booster Club.  The Booster Club costs $25 to join per family and allows your entire family to get in to HOME games for FREE - including Grandma and Grandpa.

Kari Leonard has been working with the athletic director to get our Booster Club re-launched. She has taken on the role of Booster Club President, working tirelessly to make it a success.  She has been recruiting members, purchasing concessions and working the admissions / concessions table at our home volleyball games.  We have procured special Booster Club ID cards that you merely flash at the door and walk right in. Take the first step and join, then choose from the areas below and volunteer where you can. We have moved the table for admissions and concessions inside the gym, so while you are collecting money for our program, you can still be watching your children play in the game(s). Working the score board or keeping the score book is a great job. If running the score board seems intimidating, I will be happy to give you a quick lesson and you will have all the confidence that you need and you'll have the best seat in the house.

The Booster Club, along with the athletic program, is growing and needs help from its members to assist Kari in the overall operation of the program.  A successful program will help in reducing costs to the athletes that participate on the teams (admissions / concessions). It will also ease the work load of the head coach (help at games, uniforms, equipment, communications, etc.).  Here are the areas that we need help - some have already been filled :

  •    Purchase Concessions - Kari Leonard and Anthony Lazarus  
  •    Team Parents - Work with Anthony Lazarus to Recruit & Assign Volunteers for Home Games  
  •    Setup and Sell Concessions - Volunteers  
  •    Collect Admission - Volunteers  
  •    Score Board and Score Book - Volunteers  
  •     Uniform Co-ordinator - Stacey Ruben  
  •     New / Replacement Equipment - Steve Wolski  
  •     Off-site Facilities for Additional Practices - Todd Collis  
  •     Program and Team Communications - Team Parents  
  •     Coach Recruitment & Training - Steve Wolski
  •     Facility Enhancements - Open

Making this program a success will require involvement and commitment from parents and other volunteers. Please contact the people below to volunteer for areas where your time permits. Please be sure to note your particular area of interest or notify us if there is anything we have overlooked.

Please contact Kari Leonard at 847-636-3597 / kleonard615@gmail.com or Anthony Lazarus at alazarus@holyfamilyparish.org for any questions, comments or concerns.

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